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​We are a full-service provider for grain system products.  We work with over 50 manufactures to assure you the right fit.  From drying, storage, unloading products, as well as fans and heaters. FS is a solid choice to help you build your business. Our team develops systems from concept to completion. Our team will work directly with you to analyze the scope of your requirements and assist you using our experience in grain flow concepts to provide ideas and layout options tailored to your operation.​



FS GRAIN BINS & ACCESSORIES:  We can meet the needs of any size grain operation, with farm bins ranging from 1,300 bushels to over 55,000 bushels.  Larger capacity commercial tanks are available in sizes ranging from 10,000 bushels to 700,000 bushels.  Bins are available from Brock, Sukup, and GSI.

SUKUP:  Fill your bin full of quality.  Sukup offers a complete line of stirring devices, grain spreaders, drying floors, fans, heaters, grain cleaners, unload systems, and drive over dump hoppers.  Sukup also has grain bins, dryers, and material handling equipment available.  www.sukup.com

HUTCHINSON:  Transport augers in several styles from 6" to 13", unload systems, conveying equipment, u-troughs, and custom-built auger equipment for any grain handling application.  www.hutchinson-mayrath.com

LOWERY:  Prefabricated Dumpits available in 22 bushel to 500 bushels.  Dumpits can be customized to meet your needs, and will help reduce your unloading time.   www.lowrymfgco.com

AIRSTREAM DRYERS:  Offering over 50 models of continuous-flow dryers with capacities ranging from 190 to 2,500 bushels per hour at 10 points removal.  www.grainsystems.com

GRAIN HANDLER:  Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers capable of drying all types of grains.  400 to 7,100 BPH drying capability.  Fan under or conventional models available.  Grain Handler manufactures the only single phase drying system in the industry with up to 2,600 BPH drying capacity.  www.grainhandler.com

​SHIVVERS:  In-bin continuous-flow drying systems with computerized moisture controls.  www.shivvers.com

GSI:  A complete line of grain handling equipment including bins, grain legs, unload systems, fans and heaters.   www.grainsystems.com

DAVID MANUFACTURING:  Stirring devices, computerized control systems for portable dryers and in-bin continuous flow systems, grain spreaders, grain cleaners, in-bin continuous flow systems, unload systems, fans and heaters.   www.dmc-davidmanufacturing.com

SUDENGA:  A full line of equipment for your bulk seed handling needs.  Products include gravity wagon augers, gravity wagon conveyors, bulk seed caddies. Other product lines include portable augers, unload systems, grain legs, and conveyors.  www.sudenga.com

GREENE WELDING:  Get to the top of your grain bin safely with sidewall platforms, sidewall stairs, roof stairs, and catwalks all made of galvanized steel.  www.greenebinstairs.com

WALTERS BUILDINGS:  Quality and craftsmanship are what best describes Walters buildings.  Walters offers post frame buildings in all sizes from 18' to 90' clearspan.  A full range of options include doors, overhangs, insulation, shop packages, ventilation, and windows to customize a building to meet your specific needs.  www.waltersbuildings.com 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT US AT structures@evergreen-fs.com.