Maximum Yields
FS Agronomy
Over the coming  years the science and technology of agriculture will move so rapidly, that the systems and methods of 2020 will be acutely different than the practices of our grandfathers and even fathers. What won't change are a farmer's need to remain profitable, the world's need for plentiful food, feed, fiber and fuel, and everyone's need for secure resources.
When Evergreen FS helps growers maximize every acre, we offer up out considerable agronomic expertise, cropping recommendations, and season-long support to bear results from every acre. We proudly hang our hat on the fact that FS System is grounded in science-based, profit-supporting agronomy that honors environmental stewardship.​​
Nitrogen Management

​FS Agronomy/On-Farm Discovery will help find the high yield "formula" for your acres and your farming situation. If MOM is your biggest fan, then she's probably proud of your pursuit of maximum yield.

M Minimize Environmental Impact

O Optimize N Availability

M Maximize Harvest Yield

Law of the Minimum

The best place to start making every acre count is to create an optimum growing environment. It's really a matter of circumstances. Consider Liebig's Law of the Minimum. Also known as the "father of fertilizer" for his discovery of nitrogen fertilizer as an essential plant nutrient, Liebig formulated the theory of plant growth that instructs our pursit of maximum yields today.

The Law of the Minimum simply states: Plant growth is not controlled by the total amount of resources available, but by the scarcest of those resources. In other words, yield is limited only by the weakest link.

In pursuing maximum yields, we put the law of the minimum to the test. Through the support of your local Evergreen FS Crop Spcialist and Agronomy team, you can start to create the optimum environment that permits plant genetics to perform at their full potential. And when you can identify and reduce the effects of the most limiting growth factors in your growing environment, you are on the path to maximum yields. Respect the Minimum to Achieve the Maximum.