2018 Showcase Registration

Randy Dowdy
Dowdy Farms​
2015 NGCA Yield Winner & Multi-Year High Yield

"My name is Randy Dowdy and I am a 1st Generation Farmer. My focus is based on Return on Investment (ROI) and not necessarily about winning yield contests. I am a “Critical Thinker” as a result of my personality and professional training. I have Production Techniques that has been vetted in several different states and varying growing conditions and regions that resulted in positive proven results. I believe in paying my success forward. By this I mean, farmers, industry professionals, university personnel, and neighbors helped me when I began farming and I hope to help others in return. I have helped others increase their production time and time again and to help someone see some of the same results that I have witnessed is very rewarding."​​
Dr. Ross Bender
Rethink Your Soil Fertility
Ross Bender of Mosaic.jpg
Sean Arians
Climate Corp
The Importance of Technology 
on Your Farm​
Sean Arians JPG.jpg 
Eric Lund
Veris Technologies
Helping You Manage Your 
Soil Variability
Eric Lund Veris.jpg 
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