​Propane is a clean burning, reliable, and efficient energy source. Grain drying and Farm businesses can depend on propane to be cost effective and reliable source to run the operations.​

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Grain drying is now an integral part of the farming operation, and propane is most often used to fuel heated-air drying systems because it is portable, can be easily stored, and is readily accessible in rural areas where natural gas is unavailable. And unlike fuel oil or kerosene, propane will not leak and contaminate the grain.​

Propane-fueled grain dryers are capable of drying virtually any type of grain. They are available as either batch dryers (where grain is dried in batches ranging from 80 to 1,000 bushel) or continuous flow dryers (wet grain is fed into the dryer in a steady stream). The average fuel consumption of heated-air corn dryers is about 0.02 gallons of propane per bushel per percentage point of moisture removed.

Propane grain dryers now come with many sophisticated features:

  • Full range of temperature settings for different grain types
  • Fully-automated filling, unloading, and shut-off capabilities
  • Quick and easy full length clean-out doors to facilitate grain changing without contamination
  • Control panel to indicate operating status of equipment as well as sources of problems in event of shut-down
  • Long life and very low maintenance​