We are a full-service provider for grain system products and maintenance. 

Our team develops systems from concept to completion.  We will work with you to analyze the scope of your requirements, then provide ideas and layout options tailored to your operation.  FS Structures has competitive pricing as well as fast and reliable service.  


As increasing populations and booming yields necessitate expansion in grain storage and drying capacity, more Midwest growers turn to FS for quality grain system solutions. Building, sustaining and expanding operations from the ground up—that's how FS Structures brings you what's next.


At FS, it’s important to spend time learning about your needs so we can design a building or remodeling project that will meet your needs now, and in the future. Convenient financing is available on the sale of farm or commercial buildings. From your home to your farm, we are here for your building needs.

FS Structures Grain Storage

Grain Storage Offers: 

  • A full-line of equipment
  • Ability to store record yields
  • Drying rates that stay ahead of the receiving
  • Minimized cost per bushel
  • Load-out systems that keep your truck on the move

What We Can Do for You: 

  • Farm and hobby shops
  • Mini warehouses
  • Homes
  • Interior and exterior remodeling
  • Metal roofs for all types of buildings and homes
  • Window replacement
  • Post repair
  • Sliding doors

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Kyle Winters Cell:
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