John Tuttle is our CEO and General Manager of Evergreen FS as of September 1st.  Click here to learn more. 

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Evergreen FS, Inc. began operations on February 1, 2000.  Evergreen FS is a unified cooperative composed of McLean County Service Company, Livingston Service Company, Woodford FS, Inc. and Corn Belt FS, Inc.  The Cooperatives may have started business for different reasons but primarily in the “1920’s” farmers had no reliable, affordable source for inputs for their operations.  These “founders” declared it their responsibility to form Agricultural Cooperatives to be their source for petroleum, seed, fertilizer, and animal feed products.  The “founders” invested their own money into these three companies in order to better insure quality and affordability of fuels, fertilizers, animal feeds, and other ag inputs.  A Board of Directors elected from the farmers who used the cooperative governed the original companies.  As the companies grew the Boards hired employees and named management, but to this day they control all policies of the cooperative with the same type of Board as in 1926.

Today, Evergreen FS serves the needs of Central Illinois farmers by providing a full range of farm supplies and services including agronomy, seed, fertilizer, precision farming, fuel, propane, structures, custom turf, financing, marketing advice and products. We specialize in the production of corn and soybeans and operate six grain elevators as part of our operations.  Evergreen FS offers a full line of energy products including gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel fuel, propane and lubricants to our customers at competitive prices.  Other operations include Fuel 24 fueling sites, Farmtown store, Structures,  Grain Marketing, Custom Turf Lawn and Tree Care.  We serve the counties of DeWitt, Livingston, Macon, McLean, and Woodford.

Our mission in 1926 and still today is to “To build successful business partnerships with customers, employees and cooperative owners.” We want to create new customers and continually enhance existing relationships that we have with customers, employees and cooperative owners.  To accomplish this we must operate with integrity and enthusiasm, be a leader in the areas we serve and strive to be good corporate citizens and  neighbors.

We are a member of GROWMARK, INC., a regional cooperative, which allows us to access and provide employees and patrons with services well beyond the capabilities of our local cooperative.  A key part of this is the ability to offer employees a benefits package that is transferable if the occasion occurs to allow someone to transfer to another member cooperative.

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