Committed to stewardship and helping growers implement sustainable farming practices.


Todd Wibben was selected as one of GROWMARK's five Endure 4R Advocate award winners for 2018.  He encourages and assists farmers in managing nutrients to preserve the soil and protects water quality; implements nitrogen management as a system; promotes the use of nitrogen stabilizers; and embraces the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship by using the right source, place, time, and rate of plant nutrients.

Todd Wibben - Evergreen FS

Todd is a Certified Crop Adviser based in Maroa. He has over 30 years of experience in the agricultural industry. Wibben has earned his the 4R Nutrient Management Specialist certification.


“4R stewardship is very important to me. I work with growers to help them develop plans with the most efficient use of nutrient purchases and the least amount of environmental impact, while maximizing yields.”



“This year’s winners help set a high standard for our System,” said Ryan White, GROWMARK director of agronomy marketing and agronomy services. “They are recognized as leaders amongst their peer group. They work with farmers to show them how sustainability and profitability can work together.”

Endure 4R Advocate award criteria:

  • Knowledge and implementation of 4R nutrient stewardship principles as defined by The Fertilizer Institute
  • Assisting growers with implementing nitrogen management as a system    
  • Promoting the use of nitrogen stabilizers
  • Implementation of N-WATCH™ nitrogen tracking services
  • Conducting MiField™ Applied Research on customers’ farms
  • Use of variable rate technology for fertilizer applications